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Here you will find all you need to know about the Ford Motor car, from current car auctions to Henry Ford and the earliest history of the brand that has become one of the most famous in the world

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About buying and selling Ford motor cars

Over the last few years, consumers have switched on to the benefits of buying goods and services over the Web.  Price, choice and convenience, they all play a part in our purchasing decisions.  However car retailers on the high street also aim to provide what the service customForders deserve and also aim to offer large savings.

So now you will have bought what is probably your first Ford car. If you have taken sufficient care with your checks and tests, it should be a perfectly serviceable vehicle. Even if the car has some faults that you didn’t spot, you should have saved enough money on the purchase to rectify all but the most serious and still come out ahead. Hopefully you will have joined the ranks of the many thousands of people, traders and members of the public alike, for whom car auctions, used properly, are a means to economical and productive motoring.

When you sell your vehicle privately or through a motor trader you’ll need to tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). If you fail to tell DVLA you could be held responsible for any future motoring offences committed in the vehicle.

Selling to a motor trader
If you transfer your vehicle to a motor trader and you have a registration certificate you should tell DVLA immediately using the V5C/3 section and pass the rest to the trader.

When DVLA has been told, you should receive an acknowledgement letter within four weeks confirming that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.

Remove your tax disc from the vehicle and you can also apply for a refund of vehicle tax for any complete calendar months remaining on the tax disc.

DVLA cannot pay your refund until we receive notification that you have sold/transferred your vehicle.

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A Critique of Ford Motor Cars

Buying motor cars whether new or second hand; all you need to know about buying motor cars. Find a used car for sale, information on buying new and second hand cars, car dealers and road tests. We are concentrating on Ford.

Future of the Ford motor car
The future of the Ford motor car in the UK is secure given the continued investment from the Ford parent company in the USA.


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